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Dear customer,

We have provided a list of most frequently asked questions and answers for you, grouped by delivery, payment, order, product/s and return & refunds.





Why have I not received a dispatch email or an email conformation?

A: If you have any queries about you order please call our customer service team and they will help you and advise you on what is happening with your part/s.


What courier do you use?

A: Predominately we use UPS for all shipments, however if a clutch weighs more than 70kgs then it will be delivered by a pallet carrier.


Can I track my product? If so, how?

A: By emailing the Customer Service team on and providing your order confirmation number they will be able to track your shipment for you.


Can I collect from the courier’s local pick up point?

A: If an attempt to deliver has failed UPS will try to deliver again on the next working day.  If this fails for the 2nd time then they will leave the shipment at the nearest local collection point and this will be indicated on the card that will be left.





Which credit/Debit cards do you accept?

A: Mastercard & Visa Credit Cards


Do your prices include VAT?

A: Yes, all of our prices include VAT.


Is your website safe to order off of?

A: Yes our web shop is fully secure and safe to order from, please see our privacy policy for more information on how we manage and protect your personal data.


When will I be charged for my order?

A: You will be charged immediate for your order, subject to the correct balance coming from the account you are paying from. Please see Payment Methods for more information.





Where do I find a phone number for your branch?

A: The telephone number for the Customer Service team is 01432 264264 option 2.


Why have I paid for next day delivery but my part has not turned up next day?

A: Please call or email the Customer Service Team to discuss


How do I make a complaint?

A: Please make all complaints in writing and send to


Why has my part turned up broken?

A: Our parts leave fully checked and protected. Should your order arrive damaged, please take pictures of damage and contact our customer service same day for us to resolve in good way for you.


Why has the wrong part been delivered?

A: This should not happen, but if parts delivered are not same as invoiced parts our customer service and warehouse teams will support to fix quickly.





How can I find the right part for my tractor?

A: The online catalogue has easy to use search by model or if you already have the old parts to hand by checking down to design types and dimension or old part number etc.


What do I do if my part does not fit or does not work?

A:  Always check parts are same before mounting. If things appear wrong or not work as expected our technical help can support to try isolate and resolve with you.


Do parts come with fitting instructions?

A:  There is a general procedure instruction included, and parts should be installed by a qualified person. You can also look of the REPXPERT tractor site for tips and product information


The part I want is out of stock, how long will it take to be back in stock?

A:  We are not able to specify dates online  , you can always try our dealers who hold stock , if not our customer service team can check our expected next production if you still have problems finding our parts.


Returns & Refunds



How do I return an item?

A: Within the parcel in which your part comes you are given a returns label, please fill this form out completeley to enable us to process your return quickly and effectively, then call our Scheaffler customer services team on 01432 264264 to arrange a collection


How long does it take to be refunded for an item?

A: In the case of a return, the purchase price will again be credited to your identical credit card. Please also see our Return Policy for more details.


What do I do if my part is faulty or is the wrong part?

A:  If you have any problems please call the Technical hotline and they can discuss with you what the problem is. If you feel that the part can’t be used it can be returned for warranty.


Will you confirm that my part has been returned?

A: You will know your item has been returned as UPS come to you to pick up the part/s, you either then get credited for you part or rejected subject to what the warranty department decided upon assessment. Please also see our Return Policy for more details.